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Sports Therapy to relieve pain and improve movement

Injury consultations and sports massage. Managing injuries with a personalised programme. Reducing muscle soreness and increasing range of motion whilst building strength.

About Reece Allen

Reece Allen is a graduate Sports Therapist who has had experience working within many different roles including: Sheffield Wednesday FC 1st team, Barnsley Women’s FC 1st team, Matlock Town FC, Leeds Beckett injury clinic, England Women’s Rugby League- during the World Cup, Progress Wrestling and Loughborough University.

Sports Therapy Benefits

Why Come For Treatment

Sports Massage

Reduce pain from a heavy training load or prepare for the next session

Personalised Programmes

Programmes tailored to the individuals specific needs

Injury Rehabilitation

Guiding rehabilitation every step of the way

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Client’s Feedback

“Reece has been a big part of our recovery days, whereby our players undertake soft tissue, active recovery, cryotherapy and yoga. Over the season Reece spent with us, he was able to perform modalities such as soft tissue, cupping, Winback Therapy and provide support during gym rehabilitation. Reece quickly grew in confidence and his soft tissue skills were well regarded by the first team players. This was evident from the player’s positive feedback.”

James Starmore- Sheffield Wednesday 1st team Physiotherapist

“I have been seeing Reece for my injuries since he first qualified and he has gone above and beyond with his treatments of my previous injuries. He has made sure the treatments I have received have been up to date and will research the latest techniques to make sure I am receiving the optimal therapy, so I can continue to train and coach my athletes.”

Matt Sanderson- Triathlon Coaching UK Director

“Due to Reece’s qualifications he has a wider understanding of the anatomy and muscular system so he is able to not only treat and rehabilitate, but advise on injury prevention. I have known Reece for a number of years, and he helps me in on and off season triathlons.”

Mark Jones- Triathlete

“Throughout his academic course and clinic duties Reece demonstrated excellent knowledge and application of therapeutic skills. He was also always commended in his conduct and capabilities with external placement providers.”

Ieuan Cranswick- Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University

“Reece has been working with me recently to get on top of a couple of long standing areas of restriction that have been limiting my ability to move the way I’d like to in my golf swing.

He’s taken the time to work with me to understand the range of motion I’ve been trying to create. His hands on soft tissue treatment along with guidance on rehab exercises has made a huge difference to how my body feels day to day.

I’m no longer feeling beaten up after playing golf or completing a training session and I also know that when I see Reece I’m in good hands as his level of professionalism is second to none.”

Jon Hodgkinson- Golf Fitness Ltd Director

I’ve kept up with the program and is already helping me so much. I almost have no pain now and my range of movement is so much better even prior to injury.

Ryan Tomlinson